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About Royfuss Games

Royfuss Games is the web frontend for my game database. The database includes an inventory of all the games I own and borrowed. It, also, includes some basic information for each game, such as my play information, achievements, and blog mentions. It is meant to replace my old Game Inventory website, and some statistics on the Games of Appendix page.

On the Game Home page, you can see what I am currently playing, and the last ten games I finished. It shows the "Game Card" which includes the cover for the game, the name of the game, and release date. Spanning across the game card is a cropped screenshot I took from the game. It links to the specific game page, which has more details about the game. To go back further you can check out the Recently Played List. It lists all the games I have played, and sorts them by last played date. You can search games by name on this page.

The specific game pages are the heart of the website. Each game has a page, like this one. I include the game card. Not all games have a screenshot spanning the game card, but most of them do. Under Game Information, I include a link to Giant Bomb's wiki. If the game does not have an entry, I use MobyGames or Steam pages. My play status and last played date, along with the total hours played are there. I have also included achievements, and a link to my achievement page for Exophase, PSN Profiles, and Steam. I have tried to search my blog, and included links to where I have talked about the game. I tried to find posts on Ruckus, Royfuss Archives, Games of Remastered, and my current blog, Royfuss.

Under Game Information is my Purchase Information. This includes information obtain information. The store/service where I obtained it, date obtained, purchase price, list price, and launcher are all listed. Under Purchase Information is the Archive and Session data. Since 2015, I have been tracking session information including the start and end times, and how many hours played. Archive information includes the approximate date I last played, and hours played if they are available.

The Data page has five subpages. I do not plan on updating these pages very often; they will get updated at least once a year. The pages contain statistics from my game inventory and play sessions. I have included summary information and charts. The games are also sorted into the organized dataset, listed, and link to the specific game page.

The Games and Hours Played Per Year - Current and Games and Hours Played Per Year - Pre 2015 subpages have data for games I played each year, starting in 2003 (my oldest known dataset). I have included the number of hours played per year, as well as play session information. The Obtained and Spent Per Year subpage encompasses data for the games I have bought, borrowed, and gotten for free. It consists of the number of games, and how much I spent for each year. It goes back to 2004. The Games By Platform subpage organizes games I own per console and PC launcher. The Games By Release Date subpage catalogues the games by release year. It spans back to 1987!

You can search the site using various criteria. You can search the game name; you can even use quotation marks to get more specific with your search. You can search for all games owned on a specific console, bought from a specific store, or owned on a specific launcher. Handy drop-downs are offered to make it easy.

Feel free to skip the rest of this page if you do not care about the technical side of the site. My game database is stored locally on my computer (and backed up). I use LibreOffice Base for the database. I like it because it is easy to create forms for inputting the data. I have had issues with MariaDB and trying to create webforms. It takes me way too long, and I do not like the look of it. Everything is easy with Base, and I can always export the data and import it into another database format if I need to.

For this website, I export the data from Base into CSV files. I use Python to parse the CSV files and create additional CSV files for each game. Another Python script parses those CSV files, and creates the HTML code for specific game pages, Game Home, Recently Played List, and search pages.

The Data pages take a little extra work, which is why they will not be updated as often as the rest of the site. I have scripts that take the same CSV files from the database, and parses them. They output CSV files for charts, and the HTML code for the pages. I have to load the outputted CSV files into Excel, and create charts for them. It is a bit of a process.

I have created shell PHP files to load the generated HTML pages. I use CSS to format the pages. If I choose to change the look of the site, I shouldn’t have to change my Python scripts. I do use a little bit of JavaScript trickery. Since the website is statically generated, I use JavaScript for the search.

I hope you enjoy your time browsing my collection!